X-Cel Specialty Contacts is the manufacturer of Extreme H2O Disposable Lenses. If what you need is not available in disposable, we have it in custom. We are the only company to manufacturer gas permeable, custom soft, and disposable contact lenses. No one in the optical industry gives you such an extensive selection - with 34 proprietary lens designs, we think you will find that our many specialty products offer solutions for all visual needs.

Extreme H2O Specialty Disposable Lenses

The Extreme H2O portfolio offers options that are not readily available from the big 4, but are a great complement to your current contact lens business. We provide a solution for patients with specific fitting needs and those that drop out of wearing contact lenses. Extreme H2O lenses are made with Group 2 ultra-hydrating GMS non-ionic materials. These materials are unique in that they have outstanding hydration and water retention characteristics, which contribute to unsurpassed all-day comfort, clarity and dry eye relief.

Specialty GP Lenses

The X-Cel specialty GP lens designs are a great option for patients who are unhappy with their vision with conventional soft contact lens wear and are an excellent solution for patients with keratoconus. Scleral GP designs, like our Atlantis lens, have been known to offer comfort as well as, or better than a conventional soft lens. In addition to solving irregular cornea vision problems, Scleral GP lenses have also been used to offer relief from moderate to severe dry eye symptoms. 

Custom Soft Lenses

From pediatric to presbyope, the X-Cel custom soft contact lens designs offer solutions for hard-to-fit eyes. The custom soft lenses offer a wider range of parameters than conventional soft lenses for a more customized fit. From sphere to toric and irregular cornea designs, rest assured your patients have options with the X-Cel custom soft lenses.

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