Reason #1

Oxygen does not equal comfort

For years, lens manufacturers have touted the idea that increased oxygen to the cornea results in a more comfortable contact lens wearing experience. Despite that, dropout rates have fundamentally not changed. There's clear evidence that oxygen is not the cure for comfort. Important yes, but not a complete solution - hydration, fit and a care regimen are far more important.
Reason #2

Size matters

Disposable contact lenses generally come in one standard diameter. Yet a recent independent study by Pacific University determined that 27% of contact lens fittings fall outside these standard parameters. The study indicated that larger and smaller corneas would benefit from a larger or smaller lens diameter that is more HVID appropriate. Unfortunately, many patients tolerate discomfort as the price of vanity, or worse, they give up on contacts altogether.

Extreme H2O in three sizes solves the comfort issue from day one

Extreme H2O Daily and Extreme H2O weekly are the only disposables available in three diameters; 13.6, 14.2, and 14.8. This enables you to successfully fit your small, medium and large cornea patients with the right fit, the first time, to ensure comfort. Stop dropout rates at the initial fit and gain more referrals along the way.

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"The most signifcant element in determining soft lens design may well be the diameter of the lens."

EYEWITNESS 2001, second quarter, Andre et al
Dr. Biondo Discusses Sagittal Depth in Soft CL Fitting

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